Our Training GPs

Dr Ellen Haire

Dr Ellen Haire joined us in April 2019 as a Foundation Year 2 doctor.  She will be working with us for four months and patients will be offered an appointment to see her along with our regular doctors. You can of course still elect to see your chosen regular doctor but sometimes this may require you to plan your appointment.

A Training Practice

Monks Park Surgery is proud to be a training practice, helping qualified doctors complete the final stages of their medical practitioner training. Dr Langton is our qualified GP trainer for our Foundation Doctors who will always be supervised directly or indirectly by him.  We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status enhances the quality of the medical care that we provide at the practice. It also enables patients to see a wider range of clinicans whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by newly qualified doctors. 

What is a Foundation Doctor?

Being a Foundation Doctor is compulsory for all newly qualified doctors in the UK.  An Foundation Year 1 (F1) or Foundation Year 2 (F2) is a qualified doctor undertaking a two year postgraduate medical training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.

Foundation doctors gain experience in a series of posts in a variety of specialities and healthcare settings and learning objectives for each stage are specific and focussed on demonstration of clinical competencies. Training also encompasses the generic professional skills applicable to all ares of medicine – teamwork, time management, communication and IT skills.

Foundation Year 1 Doctors (F1)

in the first year of Foundation training F1s rotate through three or four jobs in different hospital specialities.

Foundation Year 2 Doctors (F2)

The second year of Foundation training builds on what has been achieved in the previous year with rotation in other specialities such as general practice, emergency medicine, paediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics or pathology.