​Patient Participation

Patient Participation

Monks Park Surgery has a Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG)  which is open to all patients who would like to become involved.  We invite engagement with our patients via email and so that we have a broad range of patients responding who are representative of our practice population as a whole, all patients are encouraged to participate.

The aims of the VPPG are:

To obtain on-going input from patients on the quality and range of services provided by the practice and the wider health service.

To involve patients in the development of potential new services.

To work in partnership with the practice to influence the design, shape and provision of health services in the local community.

To review survey results with the practice to determine and agree possible changes and/or improvements to services.

Want to Take Part?
The success of the VPPG is attributable to the number of patients willing to take part and the amount of contribution they are willing to make.

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the surgery's Virtual Patient Participation Group, or if you would like any further information then please call us on 0117 9693106 or ask one of our reception team.  You can also complete the online form on this page to make any comments or suggestions in line with the aims of the VPPG as outlined above.