Register With Us

Confirm you live within our catchment area
We are currently accepting new registrations from patients who live outside of our catchment area, please check the map opposite. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer home visits to patients who live within our practice boundaries.   If your care needs are more complex and you are likely to need home visits, you may need to register with a practice that is closer to where you live. 

Complete a registration form
Please complete a GMS1 form to formally register as a patient at the practice.  Please also complete a surgery questionnaire   giving us your past medical history, allergies, medications, etc.  We scan these forms in to your medical record, so they must be completed in BLACK PEN. 

Bring the forms to reception in person.
NHS regulations state that you must bring the forms to us in person to register.  Two forms of identification are required when you register; one to prove who you are - this would normally be some form of photo identification, (such as a passport or driving licence); the other, to prove where you live, (this could be a utility bill or a bank statement).

We do not exclude patients from the Practice on grounds of age, sex, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin or disability,

Wait for your registration to process
Typically it takes around one working day to process but can sometimes take longer due to circumstances beyond our control.  Once your registration has completed, we can then book you an appointment.

Monks Park Surgery  Practice Area